Meet Our Team Of Fieldwork Experts

Riteangle was set up by Sam Murray-Petersen in 2001 to offer a quality driven tailor made fieldwork service with experts at the helm. Sam makes sure that colleagues get the training and guidance they need to keep up to speed with developments in the industry and provide a first rate service,  and the whole team is committed to making sure that clients get the best possible service and support available, and that the respondents selected to take part are of the highest standard and offer the best possible fit to each project.

Sam Murray Petersen

Managing Director 020 7251 7835

Prior to establishing Riteangle, Sam spent 12 years working in market research and field. Previously Sam worked as a Field Manager at Ace Fieldwork and at TQC, as well as in other senior field positions at NOP and TRBI. Her team might sometimes joke about Sam’s meticulous attention to detail and her love of a checklist, but she knows that high quality fieldwork really couldn’t exist without one! She is keen to make sure that the systems she develops and oversees are as water tight as they can be, so that both project management and project outcomes run as smoothly and effectively as is absolutely possible.

Jenny Davies

Senior Project Manager t: 020 7251 7837

Jenny has a wide range of experience in field including roles in Qual, Quant, Mystery Shopping and panel recruitment.  She started with TRBI/Focus on Research in 1994 and worked her way up from Field Assistant to becoming the Deputy Field Manager at SPA in 2002.  Jenny took some time out to have 2 children and dabble with a career within the banking industry, but in 2011 she came back to market research and started with Rite Angle.  Jenny is a key person in the set up and operation of our in house respondent panel, Informed Opinions. Her talents know no end!

Gary Bright

Senior Project Director t: 020 7251 7838

Gary started at Rite Angle in 2014 following 8 years in a field team specialising social research. This provided great experience in recruiting niche & hard to find audiences, and proved to him that there’s almost no-one that can’t be found if you have the time, tenacity & the right recruiter! Gary has managed the recruitment for many different government clients, and has spent time as a Quality & Information Security rep, ensuring that recruitment is undertaken  to the standards required by both MRS & BSI accreditations. For Gary, every day the job brings something different, & you never know who or what you’ll be asked to find - it definitely keeps him on his toes!

Maureen Wilsher

Accounts t: 020 7251 7836

Maureen is responsible for the book-keeping for RA, so if you have an accounts query she is the person to contact.  Outside of working hours, her interests include football (she is a keen Tottenham Hotspurs supporter!) and  Formula 1.  She says she is trying to tick off as many as possible Formula 1 venues throughout the world, and managed two in 2016 - Singapore and Malaysia!

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